Friday, December 19, 2014

New Jimmy Page Material Will "Stimulate All the Senses"

Ex-Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has recently been working on some new music for probably the first time in almost a couple of decades and is making some fairly hefty promises about the nature of it.

In a recent interview with Classic Rock Magazine the subject made a turn towards Page's solo work, to which Page said it was "sparkling". He elaborated further by saying that his goal with the new music was to "stimulate all the senses". Sounds like a pretty tremendous objective if you ask me, but if anyone can do it I'm sure it would be Jimmy Page. I have never been particularly disappointed in anything he set out to do.

In terms of how Page will go about things in terms of making an album and then possibly doing a 'Greatest Hits Tour' Page says, “Whatever I do, I don’t want everyone to have made up their mind what I’m doing before I’ve done it. I mean, they already have. On the Internet, people are telling me that, ‘Oh, you’re doing this, and you’re doing that,’ and I’m — ‘Am I? Just wait and see what I do.’”

It's good that Page is in a way taking a leaf from his former band mate singer Robert Plant and is moving forward musically and making himself relevant today in his own way rather than just trying to live in the past. Page's emphasis in both his new music and his upcoming live sets seems to be surprise. He says, “I’d like to obviously show what I’ve done along the way, but I’d definitely have musical surprises for people so they wouldn’t sort of start yawning.”

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