Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Robert Plant's Next Album May Be His Last

Former Led Zeppelin front man Robert Plant has had a very busy career the past 45 years. He has been around the world singing his balls off to audiences of all kinds. However, in a recent interview with Independent Plant is alluding to the idea that his upcoming album lullaby … And the Ceaseless Roar may be the end to not just his recording career, but his entire career.

Plant says:

“Maybe this new album is the end now for me. Of this musical wanderlust and the wonderful carousel that I’ve been on. It’s like a kaleidoscope: you hold it up to the light, rotate it, and the pieces fall beautifully in different ways, but this record feels different. It’s a consummation of all those bits from Son House to Roni Size to the Gambia and it seems to have some sort of finality.”

lullaby ...And the Ceaseless Roar of course will not go unbacked by a tour. The album comes out September 9th and a short North American tour will kick off on the 25th of the month.

This new album will be Plant's first release of brand new material since 2005. A bit of a stretch, but he was plenty occupied with other projects and activities during that time. The music this time around will have a bit of an edge but with world rhythms and electronic beats. Not exactly what we're all used to hearing from Plant (at least those of us who haven't heard much of his work outside Led Zeppelin), but I'm sure whatever it is will be worth at least one listen; especially if it will be his last album ever.

Hopefully Plant chooses to carry on making music, but if not I can kind of understand. He has been at it a long time and has a respectable catalog and career behind him. Sadly this will probably put the nail in the coffin for a Led Zeppelin reunion, though he has already turned down the idea multiple times recently. Personally, I think if he is going to retire he should do one more Led Zeppelin tour just for old times' sake but that's just me. I know he doesn't want to be a human jukebox and only be doing it to please everyone but himself.

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