Monday, August 18, 2014

Glenn Danzig to Record Elvis Cover EP

It would seem that former Misfits front man and long time solo artist Glenn Danzig is currently in the process of recording an EP full of covers of songs by the late king of rock n' roll Elvis Presley.

The EP will be titled Danzig Sings Elvis and it was announced via Danzig's Facebook page on the 8/17. He also included a photo from the recording sessions to his page as well.

Danzig's message with the photo reads:

"So strange how things happen.Working in studio all this week on
"Danzig sings Elvis" ep & tonight is anniversary of day Elvis died"


Personally, I'm curious to see how this will turn out. Danzig in his big hey-day did have a vocal timbre similar to that of Elvis as well as the late Jim Morrison of The Doors. However, I know he has aged and like any singer who gets to be as old as Danzig his voice is not what it once was. Be that as it may, I kind of want to hear him do the Elvis classic Love Me Tender. It would be so unlike Danzig yet at the same time kind of awesome and maybe a little bit funny. Depending on how well he pulls this off, I would love to hear him do some Doors covers as well.

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