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Guns N' Roses Punctuality Problems a Thing of the Past?

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During Guns N' Roses' nearly 3 decade career many things have changed quite frequently: musical style, band line-up, relationships, etc. One thing that has remained entirely consistent however is their infamous punctuality problems when it comes to taking the stage on time. At least that is, until recently. In a recent interview with 93.9 KWSS current lead guitarist DJ Ashba says that front man Axl Rose (who is notorious for many of the band's punctuality issues) has completely changed his tune on the issue.

Ashba says, “The last year we’ve been going on pretty much dead-on. Axl has made a very big point to be on stage on time. It’s funny, ’cause it’s nothing that media races out and reports. They tend to get the bigger hits when they have something negative to report. So you don’t really hear about that so much. But yeah, I’ve been really happy. Everybody has been really on it, and the fans are happy, and it’s really cool.”

While Rose has spread out the blame to other band members, management, technical issues, etc. over the years, in an interview on That Metal Show back in 2011 he did own up to his own part in the punctuality problem saying it's been an issue all his life. He states: “I lived right behind my school, and I couldn’t make it to the class in grade school. I had a job at the grocery store down the street, and I’m running down the street with wet hair, trying to tie my tie, with a sandwich in one hand… it’s a comic strip.”

Rose has also made mention that once the band finishes its second residency at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas they may finally be beginning work on a follow up to their 2008 release Chinese Democracy which was at the time their first release of new material in 15 years. In the mean time however, Guns N' Roses will be releasing a concert film of their current tour called Appetite For Democracy, which will be dropping July 1.

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