Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Deep Purple Recording New Album

It has recently come to light according to lead singer Ian Gillan that Deep Purple are working on a brand new album. Given the amount of time the band has spent in between albums in recent years it is an unexpected but most welcome surprise to their fans because it has only been one year since they released their most recent album Now What?!.

In a recent interview with Rocksquare Gillan stated, “We have a studio in the Algarve where we’re working on new songs. In the evening we take a sip of good red wine and enjoy the tranquility. I’m woken up at dawn by a rooster in the neighborhood and I get up when it gets light. When it gets dark in the evening, I go to bed. It’s a no-frills life; but it’s a good life down here.”

Unfortunately Gillan has not given any insight or clues as to what kind of musical direction the band will be taking on this album, but he has assured the press that they will be taking the songs on the road for all to hear.

A couple of weeks ago, Gillan made a rather bold retort to those who were saying that he and the rest of Deep Purple are far too old to still be performing and making music. “We have been called old rockers, rock pensioners and dinosaurs. I mean, I have a thick skin I understand that, of course, if the young ones say: ‘Step aside, Grandpa! Die at last!’ I think to myself then stop: ‘F— you.’”

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