Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ex-Iron Maiden Vocalist Paul Di'Anno Hates Sound of First Album

In a recent interview while on a tour in Greece, former Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Di'Anno sat down for an interview where he was asked about his current tour and days in Iron Maiden. In the interview Di'Anno admits not only that the first album that he was involved with were more punk influenced rather than metal but also they could have sounded a LOT better.

Di'Anno recently said in the interview with Rock Overdose: “Iron Maiden was always a heavy metal band with a punk kid, that was me. But the sound — oh, God — the sound of the first album was f—ing awful. Somebody should remix that. There were some of the best songs on the first album and on the second one. Somebody should do it because then it will sound even more fantastic with a really good sound behind it.”

Di'Anno plans to release two albums this year: one with his band Killers and one with his other band Architect to Chaos, a German band. Di'Anno also makes it abundantly clear that even with his knee recently injured, he has no intention whatsoever of calling it a day and retiring.

"I’m gonna get my knee fixed up at some point, because it’s absolutely an agony everyday with my bad knee as far as the concerts, but it’s ok cause they don’t wanna fucking see me, they want to hear the voice. But right now I’m making the new album, we’ve got about six tracks released. The band is called Architect To Chaos, it’s a german band and we’re going to do the same thing we do with Sorrowful Angels, but we’ve become a band, it’s not just a project, it’s a band. We just found out we just made the EP Of The Month in Rock Hard magazine, so it’s looking great! So, one’s the album is out we’d be happy to come out on the road and tour around the world again!"

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