Thursday, January 12, 2017

Op-Ed Piece: One Year Since David Bowie's Death

One year ago the glittering gender bending thought provoking song writing extraordinaire David Bowie died from an 18 month battle with liver cancer only a few days after the release of his final studio album Blackstar. Quite frankly it's hard to believe that it's already been one year since then. It definitely hasn't been an easy one, I'll tell you that much.

There will definitely never be another David Bowie again, but I think that's ok. The one thing he tried so hard to teach us in his life time is that we should never be afraid to be who we want to be and should never try to hide it. I think over the years that teaching has helped enough shy, scared, awkward kids become something extraordinary and put out music/art of their own. Hell, even the non-artist types benefit from this as well.

One of the things I find most extraordinary about the music Bowie created is that it is not only often catchy and fun, but it is incredibly exploratory and profound in so many ways. He managed to pack all that stuff into pop songs and yet somehow managed to slide it under the radar to the mainstream public for them to enjoy. That is definitely no easy feat, let me tell you. Having something to say and saying it in such a way that is accessible without watering it down is something so very few people could ever do.

One of the things I have wondered especially in the past two or three months is what Bowie would think of the world the way it is now, especially with the less than lackluster president elect about to take office in about a week or so. I can only imagine the powerful words he would have and the boundary pushing music he would set it to.

All that said, I for one am definitely looking forward to eventually meeting the man at the gates of Heaven. That's pretty much what Heaven would be to me, aside from limitless tacos and all the best guitar gear I could ever dream of. David Bowie inspired multiple generations of young and old fans alike to become the best versions of themselves possible and for that reason along with the fact that his music is phenomenal will never be forgotten. May he continue to R.I.P.

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