Thursday, January 5, 2017

Deep Purple Release More Details for New Album "InFinite" and Lyric Video

Deep Purple have been some pretty busy guys lately. Not only are they gearing up to go on an extensive tour which they are naming The Long Goodbye Tour (it's currently speculated that the band will be calling it a day next year when they reach their 50th anniversary), but they are also putting out an EP, a full LP titled InFinite (their 20th studio album, coming out on April 7th), and just now a lyric video (which can be viewed below) for their song Time For Bedlam (which will be on the upcoming EP).

Time For Bedlam is one of the most classic Deep Purple sounding tracks I've heard the band make in a while, but at the same time there are aspects to it that still make it not sound like they are just completely trying to copy off the sound they had in their 70's heyday (especially the haunting computerized vocal intro). Maybe it's because of how much of a Ritchie Blackmore fan I am, but I kind of liked that current guitarist Steve Morse sounded a bit more like his predecessor for this track specifically. The more emotive playing style was what it needed rather than playing a million notes a second.

Overall it's a very dark track both musically and lyrically. You can tell that as the band have aged they definitely have a certain perspective on the world today and all of the things going on in it (especially because they have all been alive long enough to see so much happen). To add a bit more feeling and crunch the keyboard solo in the middle of the song definitely sets you on edge but also excites you at the same time.

Overall I'm a fan of this new song. I don't think it's the greatest thing they have ever put out and I have a feeling InFinite will have way better stuff on it, but it's still a pretty damn good song. I would definitely recommend having a listen even if you're not that big a fan of Deep Purple post-Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord. If nothing else, you can see that these old guys still have quite a bit of talent and can play circles around guys 1/3 their age.

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