Tuesday, January 17, 2017

5 Amazing Emotional Lyric-less Songs

Throughout all of time people have conveyed their deepest thoughts and feelings through the power of music, often using words to do so. Lyrics have the power to make you feel profound things you might never have experienced before or to relate to experiences the writer had. However, some times the greatest of artists can make you feel such emotions without a single word being sung. In my opinion, being able to create a song that blows you away on a profound level with only the music being performed is the mark of a truly great musician. Today I'm going to list five such songs that deserve attention for doing so.

1. The Forgotten Part 2, by Joe Satriani

Holy crap. If you put this one on in the middle of the night (especially if you're driving on a dark lonely road) when you are in the right frame of mind then this song will blow you right out of the water with the feels it will give to you. I've never managed to listen to this song and not well up with emotions of all sorts. It vibes with me on this profound level that many songs with lyrics could never manage to. Will definitely make the hairs on your arm and neck stand up.

2. I Love My Parents, by Buckethead

This is a track I can NEVER make it through without tearing up or at least wanting to cry. Most people know Buckethead for being an eccentric robotic shredder type, but there is really a great deal more to him than the vast majority of folks out there give him credit for. He has an emotional side as well and it really comes through here. If you don't feel like bawling your guts out 10-20 seconds into this one then there is something seriously wrong with you.

3. Carry On... Jon, by Blackmore's Night

You can absolutely hear and feel the great pain in Ritchie Blackmore's heart when you hear him play those mournful melancholic and somewhat medieval sounding guitar melodies in this. He lost his former Deep Purple band mate organist Jon Lord a few years back, and put out this tune as a way of expressing his feelings for his fallen friend and sending him off into the next life. Ritchie may not be the nicest guy around, but after listening to this you can definitely never say he has no heart.

4.  Lipstick Traces, by UFO

If something less sad is more what you're jiving, then this is one of my absolute favorite love songs of all time. Not a word is sung, yet you still get that feeling of just cuddling up to your partner on a warm Spring or Summer evening on a hammock out by a lake or something. At least that's the picture I always get. It's such a warm, genuine sounding tune. I'm sure guitarist Michael Schenker was really channeling some legit romantic feels for someone when he came up with this.

5. Fluff, by Black Sabbath

This song will make you feel like you're floating on a cloud in the most serene part of existence. Then again, a song called Fluff I'm sure is supposed to make you have the image of clouds in your mind when listening to it. It is so soothing and peaceful. It makes you remember that even in the roughest parts of life there are things worth putting your rage, anxieties, and other stresses aside for. It's impossible to leave this tune not feeling at least a modicum better than you were before.


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