Thursday, November 19, 2015

Robby Krieger Sat in With Creed at Woodstock '99

Now I know Creed isn't exactly the most popular band out there. They receive a lot of flack and I get that. However, if you can put that hate aside for just a few minutes I think you'll enjoy what I have to share of you: a live recording of them jamming with Robby Krieger, the guitarist from The Doors at Woodstock '99. It's actually pretty balls to the wall awesome.

The song they jammed together was The Doors' tune Roadhouse Blues, a raucous rock n' roll ruckus (try saying that five times fast). The recording is going to be on a 3 CD compilation that Creed is releasing. It contains hits, non-album stuff, and live recordings.

Krieger described the jam saying in an interview with Music Radar that it was "very cool". He elaborated, saying:

“I didn’t realize how loud they played – a lot louder than we ever played. I had my two little Fender Blues Devilles and each of them had like four Marshall stacks each. I couldn’t hear anything I was playing; luckily, I knew what I was playing and could hear through the monitors.”

Honestly, this is probably one of the best non-Doors version of this song I've ever heard. Creed put everything they had into this cover and it shows. It was loud, rude, and seemed to REALLY get the crowd going. Then again, how could anything from The Doors not?

Listen to Creed + Robby Krieger's live recording of Roadhouse Blues by clicking here.

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