Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Jack White to Open Record Pressing Plant in Detroit

Looks like Jack White is at it again. White is pushing forward with his love of vinyl and old ways of making music by starting a record pressing plant under his self-run label Third Man Records in his home town of Detroit, Michigan.

A statement on Third Man's website says:

“Third Man is thrilled to announce that we will be opening a vinyl record pressing plant, and in it we will run brand new record presses. There’s a bottlenecking in the record pressing industry right now – so much glorious demand, so few presses. We want to help ease the flow, and we want to bring more “real-life manufacturing jobs back to Detroit.”

The new plant will be the first new one in Detroit since Archer Record Pressing in 1965. It is set to open about halfway through next year. In addition to the pressing plant opening, White is also opening a brand new Third Man retail establishment in Detroit this Friday (11/27). It will be located at 441 W. Canfield in Detroit.

Personally I'm glad that White is not only making it easier to fill the demand for vinyl that seems to keep growing, but that he is also bringing several jobs to an area that is in desperate need of them. Hopefully this will revitalize one of the poorer areas of Detroit and bring back some of the rich musical culture that the place once had.

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