Saturday, November 21, 2015

Europe Finally Hit Number 1 in Billboard


After a 3+ decade career metal band Europe have finally reached the top spot in the Billboard & Clio Music’s Top Commercials chart - a chart that tracks the most popular songs in US advertisements.

The song in question is their biggest hit The Final Countdown, which originally came out in 1986. The song recently made a comeback however when it and the band made an appearance in a Geico commercial (which can be viewed below). When first released in 1986 The Final Countdown reached the #1 spot in the charts in 17 countries but never climbed higher than #8 on any Billboard charts until this recent comeback.

According to a report from Billboard, The Final Countdown has had 12,000 Shazam tags this past October as well as 28,000 digital sales last month. Furthermore, it has been streamed 5.8 million times in the US.

I guess the right kind of marketing can do wonders for you no matter who you are. Since nostalgia is such a profitable venture these days it's no wonder there is room for one hit wonders like Europe to make such a big comeback. Somehow I don't see it lasting all that particularly long, but who knows? Maybe they will get lucky and I will be wrong.

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