Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Steel Panther Releases Song Satirizing Kanye West for Grammy Antics

Rapper Kanye West has garnered a great deal of attention recently for once again interrupting an awards show because someone beat out singer Beyonce Knowles for a major award. Last time he did this was at the 2009 VMA's, but this time around it was at the 57th Grammy Awards when Beck won album of the year. After all the hoopla going on about this incident, comedy hair metal band Steel Panther decided to make a song/video poking fun at the rapper titled Kanye.

The minute long video which was posted to the band's Facebook and can be seen here is a slow piano based ballad with cue cards containing lyrics from the song being shown in front of their singer Michael Starr as he sings through the tune.

The main message they want to get across is that Kanye is quite the hypocrite when he talks about respecting artistry, his music sounds like donkey farts, and of course Beck should kick him in the testicles in order to put things right. I guess they really don't hold back and seem to get straight to the point, don't they?

I'm kind of glad that a band like Steel Panther that doesn't take themselves too seriously decided to do something like this. While other well known artists like Paul Stanley and Shirley Manson have stepped forward to speak their minds uncensored on the subject, Steel Panther gets the point across in a way that we can all have a good laugh at how ridiculous the whole situation is.

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