Sunday, November 9, 2014

Robert Plant Rejects £500 Million Offer to Reform Led Zeppelin

It is no secret that recently former Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant has publicly expressed his lack of desire to do anything regarding his former band. Though he has been asked again and again about it, he has stuck to his guns on the issue. Recently however, Plant has done this in a way that really takes the cake: He turned down a £500 million offer to do 35 concert dates from Virgin tycoon Richard Branson.

If you think that such an offer is obscene, just wait till you hear how he did it. In front of a group of flabbergasted promoters, he tore up the contract into shreds. I can only imagine that all of their jaws must have gone through the floor and then some. Plant's share of the money that former band mates Jimmy Page  and John Paul Jones had already agreed to would have been £190 million before taxes. That would certainly be enough to have you, your kids, and even your grand kids set for life.

According to the Daily Mirror, Plant says that his reasoning for his actions are because it "wasn’t the right thing to do". That being said, it is more than likely that these concerts will not be going forward despite the fact that the other two remaining founding members had singed on to do them. Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant just wouldn't be Robert Plant after all.

I can't say I blame Plant for his decision. He keeps saying over and over again to the press that he doesn't want to go backward because it wouldn't do much for him as an artist. In his own way he is trying to remain relevant in the fact that he keeps going forward artistically and doing what he wants to do rather than just sticking in one part of his career as so many of his peers have seemed to do over the years.

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