Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Led Zeppelin Update: Robert Plant's Publicist Denies Contract Tearing Incident

It was made public recently that Virgin tycoon Richard Branson offered former Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant a whopping sum of £500 Million ($800 million) to reform the band and do a 35 date tour. It was also made public that he tore up the contract in front of a number of stunned promoters. Plant's publicist has stepped forward however to quell such rumors.

According to the Guardian on 11/10 while it is true that Plant turned down the offer, he did not tear up the contract. The publicist said that the whole story was just "rubbish", which by the way was the full extent of his quote.

One source also said to the Guardian that, “They have tried to talk him round but there is no chance. His mind is made up, and that’s that.”

Apparently Branson was also willing to rename his private jet The Starship to fly the band to all of the dates that would have been on the tour had Plant agreed to do so.

While tearing up the contract in front of all those promoters would have been awesome had the story been true, I still feel that Plant made the right decision for him regardless. Money should never be a factor in whether or not a band gets back together in any way, shape, or form. Artistry and good vibes should come before cash any day of the week.

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