Friday, July 11, 2014

Chester Bennington and Stone Temple Pilots Working On New Music Together

It's still kind of hard to think of the Stone Temple Pilots with anyone but Scott Weiland as their front man, but Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington seems to have proven recently with the Out of Time single and Highrise EP that he and the Pilots can make some pretty good music together. However, Bennington's main priority is still of course Linkin Park. Depending on how you want to look at it, it could be good or bad. Personally I'd like to hear more work from Bennington with the Pilots.

It seems that those who share my view are in luck, though. Recently Bennington has had a quick break from working with Linkin Park and according to a couple of tweets from Pilots member Robert DeLeo (tweet 1 | tweet 2), he has utilized this time to get back together with Stone Temple Pilots in the studio to see what kinds of new tunes they can cook up. It honestly seems like they are all having a good time, so hopefully all of that positive energy results in some sweet new music.

Linkin Park recently released an album called The Hunting Party. After the break the band is taking at the moment, they will be getting back on stage later this month at Comic-Con, after which they will be joining up with AFI and Thirty Seconds to Mars for the Carnivores Tour, which sounds like a pretty awesome time.

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