Saturday, July 19, 2014

AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Releases Single 'Repo-Man' From Upcoming Solo Album

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd only a few days after announcing his upcoming solo album titled Head-Job has already dropped the first single. It's called Repo-Man.

This song is pretty much everything you would expect something from a member of AC/DC to be. It's loud, it's gritty, and it ROCKS. In an interview with Noise411 Rudd explains that all of the songs on his album are inspired by "the s*** that goes on" day to day in his life. What better source material than the stuff you experience every day? Other songs on the album will be Bad Move and Crazy.

Rudd assures that there is a double meaning to the title Head Job. Though in one connotation it is dirty, he insists the main meaning of it is “going to the pub to commiserate with your mates about someone doing your head in”. Kind of understandable. When every day life gets you down, what better a thing to do?

The album is due August 29th, so we won't be waiting a whole lot of time. It's a bit of a bold move on Rudd's part to announce an album after everything is already done with it, leaving little time to promote it before it comes out. This is an even bolder move because AC/DC is currently mixing their yet to be titled 15th studio album and follow-up to 2008's release Black Ice. Definitely a lot to be excited about in the AC/DC camp right now.

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