Saturday, March 25, 2017

New Chuck Berry Song "Big Boys" Premieres

Earlier this week we lost Chuck Berry, a rock n' roll legend and a man who helped build the foundation of the genre as we know it today. As many of you already know, at 90 years old he was working on a brand new album; his first in almost 40 years. Now we have the first taste of what it will sound like when it gets released. A song called Big Boys (which you can listen to in the video above).

It sounds pretty much exactly how you would expect a Chuck Berry song to sound. It has a lot of those same kinds of simple, but lighthearted fun 1950's rockabilly lyrics, riffs and licks that he made signature back in rock n' roll's infancy, but with more of a modern sounding polish production-wise. Berry's voice and playing are in pretty stellar order considering his age when he did this.

Honestly, this is exactly what I was expecting from and hoping for in a new Chuck Berry song. He has his own style that in my opinion is timeless and there is no need for him to really deviate from it. I'm just sad that he didn't make it long enough to see the whole album released. I'm sure it will be well received by critics and fans alike if it is anything like we have heard here in Big Boys.

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