Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Last in Line Releases 2 New Songs in Tribute to Jimmy Bain

For those of you who follow news of classic rock and metal closely I'm sure it is no secret to you by now that sadly former Rainbow and Dio bassist Jimmy Bain passed away a few days ago. In response to the news, Bain's current band The Last in Line which consists of original Dio band members Vivian Campbell and Vinnie Appice with Andrew Freeman stepping in for Ronnie James Dio have made a tribute to honor his memory.

The Last in Line just released two new songs from their upcoming album Heavy Crown, which comes out on February 20th. The tracks are titled Starmaker and Blame It on Me, both of which can be found on YouTube and are available to be listened to below. They are both definitely good choices as they both kick some SERIOUS ass.

As of right now there is no word as to what the future plans of The Last in Line will be; whether that be finding a replacement for a tour or just calling it quits altogether. Personally I wouldn't blame them for throwing in the towel, seeing as the whole point of the project was for the original members of Dio to get back together to pay tribute to Ronnie. However, a tour to promote the album with a replacement bassist isn't a horrible idea either.

Blame It On Me


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