Saturday, January 17, 2015

Former Deep Purple Vocalist/Bassist Glenn Hughes's Band California Breed Folds Up

It would seem that former Deep Purple bassist and vocalist Glenn Hughes has another band to add to his long list of short lived projects: his latest band California Breed. The band that formed in 2013 after the end of Hughes's other band Black Country Communion has now folded up after releasing only one album.

The band posted this tweet from their official Twitter account on Thursday:

"We are no more....another thing we couldn't keep together"

 To be fair though, the band had been kind of falling apart for a while. It was kind of evident when drummer Jason Bonham quit last year right before the tour to support their debut album California Breed. Bonham feels no animosity towards his former band mates saying, “I love those guys but it wasn’t going to work for me.”

Guitarist Andrew Watt was quick to jump on his Facebook and address the situation to his followers by writing out this extended statement:

"To the California Breed fans here...I put everything I had into this band...all I can say is I was in it for the long hall...I have a lot of new music for you guys...going to be announcing my plans soon...I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you supporting us, buying our music, coming to our shows...this is not the is truly the beginning...cannot wait to continue the quest to bring rock n roll back to the people that are hungry for it



Watt seems to be planning to keep going ahead with his music and to make something big happen next. Good for him. His playing was absolutely fantastic on the California Breed record. Despite the fact that Hughes is a talented song writer, it was Watt's fresh take and energy that really made the songs come alive. I'm sure whatever he does next will be nothing short of astounding and breathtaking.

Hughes has yet to directly comment on the split. A couple of his Facebook posts from the past week alluded that there may be trouble in the band, but there was nothing specific. Not surprising, given the way he goes about things on his social media accounts.

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