Monday, September 21, 2015

The Who's Roger Daltrey Falls Ill

Unfortunately due to sickness, The Who singer Roger Daltrey has fallen ill on the band's 50th anniversary tour; postponing all further tour dates left on the roster.

Daltrey has been stricken with Meningitis. He says in a press release:

“We are very sorry to disappoint our fans in this way. For the last four weeks, I have been in and out of the hospital and have been diagnosed with viral Meningitis. I am now on the mend and feeling a lot better but I am going to need a considerable time to recover. The doctors tell me I will make a complete recovery, but that I should not do any touring this year.”

Guitarist Pete Townshend has also chimed in on the subject saying:

“We apologize to all our fans who have supported us in the last 50 years. Once Roger is completely well, we will come back stronger than ever and Roger and I will give you all a show to remember.”

The dates are yet to be announced, but the band assures that they will come shortly. Hopefully Daltrey can make a speedy recovery and can be back up and at 'em in no time. I guess this is what happens when you go back on your word and don't die before you get old. [Sorry for the tasteless joke. I had to.]

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